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Bridal Potli Bag - PB015

Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
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Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
Bridal Potli Bag - PB015
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Bridal Potli Bag - PB015

  • Material: Hand Embroidered Velvet Fabric
  • Size: Height - 9 Inches : Length - 8 Inches 
  • Capacity: 500 gm. 
  • Closure Type: Drawstring
  • Delivery Time: 8 to 10 Business Days
  • Country of Origin: India

Bridal Potli Bag is a traditional Indian purse or pouch that is commonly used by brides on their wedding day. Potli bags are typically small and cylindrical in shape, with a drawstring closure at the top.

These bags are often made from luxurious materials such as silk, velvet, or satin and are adorned with intricate embroidery, beading, or other embellishments. Bridal Potli Bags can come in a variety of colors, ranging from bold and bright hues to more subtle pastels or metallics.

Potli bags are traditionally used in India as a purse to carry essentials such as money, keys, or jewelry. On the wedding day, the bride may carry a Bridal Potli Bag filled with symbolic items such as haldi or other ceremonial items.

Bridal Potli Bags are often designed to complement the bride's wedding outfit and can be customized to match the colors and style of her attire. Some potli bags may even be personalized with the bride's name or monogram.

In addition to being a functional accessory, Bridal Potli Bags are also a popular choice for gifting to bridesmaids or as wedding favors. They are a beautiful and practical keepsake that can be used long after the wedding day.

Overall, Bridal Potli Bags are a beautiful and meaningful accessory that adds a touch of traditional elegance to a bride's wedding day attire. With their intricate designs, luxurious materials, and cultural significance, they are a cherished part of Indian wedding traditions

MaterialVelvet Fabric
StylePotli Bags

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